When Lehman Brothers filed she was still Hannah Montana

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Today was eventful. Five years ago today Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy which set off one of the biggest financial meltdowns in US history. President Obama discussed the current economic situation since then. Janet Yellin was put forth as the front runner of the Fed position, giving the markets more confidence that the monetary policy will stay ‘looser’ for longer, which was the reason for the jump. A shooting took place in the D.C. Navy shipyard killing 13 people. The U.N. confirms sarin was used in Syria. Elizabeth Hasselbeck made her first appearance on Fox and Friends [channel should be cancelled] and lastly Miley called off her engagement. I guess I should care about Miley’s life since some news sources don’t shut up about her and I see more retweets from people my age about celebrities than actual news. So I would assume based off of 

media coverage that I should have extensive knowledge about her life. Why? That answer is obvious I know, it’s because people read into it but why? If she made a good song, good for her, if I like it I’ll listen to it, I’ll maybe purchase it if need be, but do I care who she is dating? No, is it relevant in my day to day? No, I guess that Liam guy didn’t care too much for his fiancé swinging around naked on a wrecking ball. [Who could have seen that coming?]  More on my day to day as I guess we are on that topic, Me and Stephanie have some kind of an idea of when we are moving! My Brother Jon closed on his house on Thursday finally after about a 2 week delay. We started to paint on Friday. We then painted all weekend and we are mostly done with that. We do have “before and after” pictures coming but we are waiting until the end result so you can truly compare. The walls had wood paneling and the ceiling used to be white but over time turned a yellow creamy color. Our color scheme is gray, blue, white, and black. I know that based off of the color is seems very manly but I do have a wife who’s favorite color is pink and if she had her way I would be living in a room that appears to be a pre-teen girls room, so compromise is the key word. Yes the base colors are “manly” but the tones of these colors neutralize the “gender” of the room. She picked out the colors on her own and I agreed it would look nice. She did choose pink but I had to be an unsupportive husband with that decision, I do hate doing it but come on? Pink... Lastly, We are both very excited to get our ideas out from Pinterest and into our room. 
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